Miles Away

  • Drama
  • 2022 (Canada/Australia)


Miles, an Australian skateboarder, appears in Vancouver, Canada to reunite with Lulu, a past lover. Reluctant to process his father’s death, he elects to numb himself with substances and skateboarding. Lulu struggles to balance her career whilst dreaming of escaping the mundane familiarity of her hometown. Miles is initiated into the local skateboarding crew, spearheaded by old friend and wild child, Sid.

As the summer burns bright so do Miles and Lulu, the jazz, drugs, and alcohol slowly eroding their relationship. Miles seeks refuge with Charlie, the owner of the local jazz bar where he finally confronts his father’s death. The summer erupts in a sudden overdose, and with that the party is over, but the infamous Hastings street continues to bustle below.


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