Murder Party

  • 103 Mins
  • Comedy
  • 28 July 2022 (France)


Prepare for the most delicious, devious and most dazzling murder mystery of this, or any other year. Murder Party is a chic and stylish farce that plays like the wild love child of Wes Anderson and Agatha Christie with a strong nod to the global smash Knives Out.

Our story follows Jeanne, a brilliant architect who has a new assignment: renovate the sumptuous Daguerre mansion owned by an eccentric family head of a board game empire. When the landlord and patriarch Cesar is found dead, everyone present becomes a suspect. Suddenly Jeanne’s mission turns into a life-size investigation to expose the murderer…

With a ferocious sense of humour, sumptuous visuals, a never-ending ride of twists and turns and a killer sting in its tale, Murder Party is the French smash of 2022 and one invitation cinema lovers can not dare to decline.

Murder Party is the movie we’re all dying for!