Use Me

  • 91 minutes
  • Thriller
  • 2020 (US, Australia)


Australian filmmaker Julian Shaw (as himself) travels to the United States to direct a documentary focusing on ‘mental humiliatrix’ Ceara Lynch (as herself). She dominates a new niche of online sex work and has made a fortune by humiliating men over the Internet… without ever exposing her naked body or meeting them in person.

Julian films everything he witnesses to the point of obsession. With his camera always in hand, he delves into Ceara’s unconventional life. He films her alone and with others. He films her while she shoots simulated sex scenes and while she teases and abuses men through her webcam. He sees the power she wields in her profession and is enthralled.

Ceara ensnares Julian in her illusory world and he quickly develops misplaced feelings for her. His newfound proximity reveals that, in her work, the line between fantasy and reality isn’t as clear as she has led him to believe. Could it be that Ceara is blackmailing clients who trusted her with personal, deeply embarrassing material?

An initially tantalizing documentary project turns into a private investigation as the jilted Julian digs deeper into his subject’s morally questionable professional life. When he engineers a real-world encounter between Ceara and one of her suspected marks, what was meant to be entertainment instead becomes a matter of life and death…

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