Lion Spy

  • 77 minutes
  • Documentary
  • November 24, 2021


The hunt for justice!

If we cannot save the most iconic animal in the world, what hope do we even have at such a crucial point in evolution? We’ve all seen the posed photos of moneyed-up trophy hunters with their dead prey, now comes the documentary that exposes the obfuscated practices that allow it to happen.

Part thriller, part exposé, LION SPY follows Australian filmmaker Rogue Rubin as she is jolted into action to prevent the extinction of wild lions in South Africa. Creating a false identity as a big game photographer, she infiltrates the male dominated world of trophy hunters, coming face to face with the hunters, their guides and the glorious animals that they target – for a price; all from a far distance, the animal unknowing, under the false guise of conservation. Putting herself at tremendous personal danger, the appropriately named Rogue explores clandestine operations, amidst the isolated African plains, capturing footage that is as riveting as it is disturbing.

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